Acquire the taste

WeinKulturHaus Gols offers you wine tasting with a difference. We nearly wrote about tasting “with all senses”. Because, in the environment of the oldest house in Gols, you will taste, smell and experience the wine in its purest culture.


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With a choice of over 400 wines, the tongues of wine lovers have rightly something to look forward to. Wine tasting with us will not only provide you with a general overview but you will also learn from wine professionals many interesting facts about the production, tradition and innovation surrounding our precious cultural heritage and the history of WeinKulturHaus. Of course, you are also able to buy your favourites from us for special prices.

Those who like to enjoy sports activities or a pleasant moment in the open should simply choose the WeinWegGols (Wine Trail of Gols). Find out about our wide range of offers now!